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Okay, I'll go first.

Hi, my name is Christine.

I'm 5'0", 54 years old, and a mother of three.

I live in Evanston, Illinois, and I write lots of stuff about lots of stuff. lol.

I graduated with a degree in advertising and worked on consumer packaged goods for years. I went back to school, earned a Master's in Teaching, and worked in early childhood for a decade. Then, at 40, I decided I wanted to write a book.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I began journaling at 7, and I make sense of the world by putting my thoughts on the page (or screen). For me, writing is everything. It's meditative, empowering, enlightening, safe, and healing.

My first book comes out soon! It's a biography about two former members of the United States Congress. I'm currently working on my first memoir.

When I'm not writing, I'm either coaching other writers, listening to live music, training for a marathon, trying to get my kids to answer my texts, calling my mom, hanging out with friends, cooking, or laughing through a crossword with Eric.

Your turn!

P.S. Fun fact: I probably cry 3x/week.

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Hey. I'm Cali and I've been writing for 20-odd years. Originally I was a bored computer programmer who really needed something inspiring in my life. I worked through Julia Cameron's books The Right To Write and The Artist’s Way.

From that grew an idea for a chick lit novel which involves handbags that talk. It's called Tales of the Countess and it's about being happy in yourself, then you get your man. Think Sex in the City meets Toy Story! I finally got it published 2 years ago and it has had fabulous reviews.

I love to encourage other people to write in and around their other responsibilities. I also write on Substack at https://gentlecreative.substack.com/. I like to nudge people through the external obstacles and internal perils of being a writer.

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Hi, Cali. Congrats on finishing your novel and the positive reviews! I love reading your newsletter. It's authentic and relatable and deeply encouraging. You're a true literary citizen. Cheers.

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Aw, thanks :)

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Hi! I'm Renee and write The Creator's Compass ( https://thecreatorscompass.substack.com/ ) here on the awesome Substack platform.

I've been a creative my entire life, which has been focused on writing and art. Illustration is my biggest challenge right now, but I'm determined to illustrate my children's stories! As I continue to nurture those skills in the background, I'm zeroed in on editing my YA novel. It's my third novel and I believe the one that has "come together".

Aside from all that creative stuff, my life is grounded in Vajrayana Buddhist practice of 20 years and my family. I don't have any children due to infertility, and because of that I have a constant fuel source of inspiration to make life meaningful without children.

Oh! I love gourmet pizza and wine :)

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Hi Christine! As a mother of 3, how did you find time to write?

I have 2 little kids and a full time job - I love to write, but struggle to find time for it...

Any tips are appreciated!

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