Hi there. I’m Christine, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Writers’ Haven by Christine Wolf is for you if you’ve ever…

…felt pulled to process your emotions and experiences through writing.

…faced hardship.

…struggled internally.

…felt alone.


…lost love.

…lost hope.

…lost yourself.

…broken down.

…considered writing a memoir but didn’t know how to “get started” or “make sense of your story”.

…doubted your personal story was worth sharing.

…wondered if you or your writing are “good enough”.

…hoped to become a stronger, clearer, more confident writer.

…felt the urge to write about a topic listed above but wondered how on earth to take the first step.

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Who is Christine Wolf?

Photo by Lynn Trautmann

In 2014, after years as a blogger and newspaper opinion columnist (Patch, Pioneer Press, Chicago Sun-Times, and Tribune Media), I was at work on my first novel, longing for a community with other writers.

It was then I opened my summer home in Michigan as a space for writers of all levels to work comfortably among kindred spirits while nurturing our craft. I called it Writers’ Haven Michigan. I’d learned firsthand that, although we writers tend to be solitary creatures, we deeply benefit from human connections as well as opportunities to share stories, writing experiences, and, perhaps most importantly, goals. Writers’ Haven welcomed esteemed writers from across the Midwest, including, among others, Deborah Siegel, Debi Lewis, and New York Times bestselling author Samantha Irby.

From 2015 through 2018, my life turned completely upside down. I fell into a massive depression when life as I’d known it became unrecognizable. During that time, my 25+ year marriage came to an end, I had to sell the space in which I ran my new business, and my younger sister, Beth, died suddenly.

It took everything I had to keep holding on, and writing became my lifeline.

At first, it was easy to write about my grief, loss, fear, anger, and disbelief. And yet, with pen in hand (or laptop in lap), I eventually wrote about other things, including new perspectives, dreams, gratitude, and hope.

In 2019, while finishing my first biography, I launched Writers’ Haven Evanston, near Chicago. Things were beginning to look up. But then, almost as soon as I opened the doors, I experienced a medical emergency requiring major surgery. While recuperating at home, the pandemic hit.

It was then that I — like you, I’m sure — retreated into the emptiness of a bleak and terrifyingly uncertain future.

However, it was in that pandemic stillness and solitude that I updated my website and offered writing consults for anyone who’d like them. Frankly, I never imagined anyone would take me up on a writing consult (Hello, imposter syndrome!), but I was willing and eager to do anything to connect with others who loved to write. I figured, If someone asks me to help with something I’m not qualified for, I’ll introduce them to someone who is.

And that’s when something incredible happened.

As COVID-19 cases surged, I applied for unemployment while training to become a Contact Tracer to make ends meet. During the height of the pandemic winter surge of 20/21, I worked as a Contact Tracer by day, counseling individuals and families, many who were critically ill or whose loved ones were sick and/or had died. At the same time, my email inbox kept filling up with requests for writing consults. Not surprisingly, the pandemic had inspired many people to face their mortality and to take, long, hard looks at their lives; as a result, lots of people began seeking help writing their memoirs.

By March 2021, I had more writing clients than I could reasonably manage while holding down a full-time job, so I resigned from Contact Tracing to focus full-time as a Writing and Memoir Coach.

I’ve been asked more than once if I’ll write my own memoir, and the answer is an enthusiastic yes. I plan to complete it in 2023, and, I’ll share passages with paid subscribers of this newsletter.

For now, I’ve slowly reopened Writers’ Haven to small groups of writers of all levels of skill and experience who gather to work in its cozy, comfortable spaces.

And, I’m focused on 3 things:
1. Ongoing consulting with the amazing roster of Writers’ Haven memoir clients
2. Building this newsletter for writers and readers alike
3. Releasing my biography about two former members of the United States Congress: POLITICS, PARTNERSHIPS, & POWER: The Lives of Ralph E. and Marguerite Stitt Church, co-authored with Jay Pridmore (Master Wings Publishing, December 2023).

My goal for Writers’ Haven, The Newsletter, is to keep writers connected in ways that inspire, uplift, and provide value. This newsletter is my way of building and encouraging community, one authentic writer at a time.

How will I benefit from reading Writers’ Haven?

If you’re here, you already know that writing saves lives. I strive to offer you an array of authentic writing, shared through essays, interviews, Q&A’s, a podcast, and writing-related links. We’ll eventually expand to video and more. I hope writers of all levels will find inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. This newsletter is designed for everyone who enjoys and appreciates meaningful writing and its power to make sense of this big ole world.

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